Tenant Emergency Contacts

After Hours Emergency Contacts

Please find our recommended after-hours services for EMERGENCIES ONLY.
Please note these are the emergency contacts if your property is managed by our office in MOUNT PLEASANT.  In the event of a serious emergency please call the SES or Relevant Emergency response group.  For any serious emergencies on 0426 542 801 or call the office anytime on 6268 0130.
Coast to Coast Electrical – 0467 252 577 (please try this contractor first as he is our preferred after-hours electrician)
Royalty Electrical – 9451 7735
  • No power (firstly please check the Western Power website for any area faults that may be currently in place) www.westernpower.com.au or call them on 13 13 51.
  • No electric HWS
  • RCD’s tripping
  • Safety Issues (ie. Live unprotected wires etc).
(Please note: If the fault is due to faulty appliances it may be at your expense that an electrician is sent out)
Watertight Plumbing & Gas – 0407 444 495 (please try this contractor first as he is our preferred after-hours plumber)
Recommended Plumbing & Gas – Call 0423 868 995
  • Gas leaks  www.alintaenergy.com.au
  • No water (please call the Water Corporation first to ensure that it is not an issue outside the boundaries of your property as this could be why the water is turned off.) www.watercorporation.com.au or call them on 9420 2420
  • No hot water
  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked pipes
  • Blocked toilet (only if there is one toilet at the property)
  • Severe water leak where mains is needed to be turned off
(Please note: If a water leak is due to blocked pipes caused eg. food waste down pipes and washing machine hoses incorrectly fitted it may be at your expense that a plumber is sent out)
Westwide Lock Service – Call 0411 888 323
  • Burglary where the security of the property has been compromised
  • If the key has snapped inside the lock
  • If the barrel is broken
(Please note that if you have locked yourself out of the property or have lost your keys and need a locksmith to attend, you will be responsible for the payment of the invoice.)
CK 24 hour Glass Repairs – Call 9248 5518
  • Windows or doors smashed where the security of the property has been compromised
 Please note that contractors are only to be called in an emergency, if a contractor is called out for any issues deemed not an emergency, the tenant may be liable for the cost of the visit.